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“Personal development is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.”

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Personal Grooming / Personality Development

Despite having same qualifications, same abilities, and same talents, there have been instances where we find ourselves being ignored for others. All of us can point out similar such situations from our personal and professional lives where we feel being treated unfairly. Majority of people who have faced such situations feel let down and get depressed.  They lose their self-confidence and adopt a pessimistic attitude towards life. Such an attitude ruins their whole life as they see the negative in all situations. Thus, certain bad experiences tend to change the overall attitude of the people towards life, thereby making them feel that their whole life is nothing but a massive mistake. However, there is still a small section of the society who differs in their attitude and approach towards life. They even respond and react to situations differently. They believe that failure is the stepping stone to success and therefore consider these bad situations as opportunities to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Then they work on their weaknesses and polish it so that the past mistakes are not repeated. This is nothing but personality development. Personality development or personal grooming is enhancing the personality of an individual not by imitating the habits of successful people but by honing specific life skills and employability skills.

At Avid

As there are limitations as to what one can achieve through self-exploration, Avid has come up with a series of personality development classes that focus on overall development of the individual in formal/ informal circumstances or in social/ professional circles. We provide emphasis to the following aspects of a person’s personality:

  • Body Language
    Body language is a non-verbal form of communication that provides a great deal of information about your personality. This includes facial expressions, gestures, posture, and body movements. Many a times you are not aware whether your body language pleases or displeases someone. So if your body language cannot be perceived as positive, then you need to improve your body language through practice and consistency so that these become natural for you. Having a positive body language can make you cheerful, confident and relaxed. Maintaining eye contact, having a pleasant demeanour, and speaking clearly in an even tone are some of the positive body language habits. At Avid we interact with you to get a grasp of your body language and suggest different ways to mould your body language to something that is positive and confident.


  • Behaviour
    The behaviour of a person can provide insights about his/her inner attitudes and beliefs. Even if they disguise their inner feelings whether anger or anguish with a friendly manner, it comes forth when faced with a difficult situation. Only those who are genuinely confident and happy can have a warm behaviour and a positive attitude. At Avid, we focus on boosting the confidence of the individual so that it shows. We inculcate the habit of behaving pleasingly irrespective of where you are and who you are with. We ensure to make the individual aware of any undesirable behaviour that he/she might possess so that it can be changed.


  • Power Dressing / Wardrobe Etiquette
    Dressing speaks volumes about an individual’s personality and character. A person should not focus on wearing something just because it is trendy or expensive. You should dress according to the occasion and the clothes should be of correct fit. You should feel comfortable in what you wear otherwise the awkwardness would be reflected on your face. At Avid, we ensure that the individual is aware of the kind of dress that suits him/her body type. This helps in projecting a confident and competent image.


  • Communication Skills
    Another important skill that needs to be developed in order to have a better and impressive personality is excellent communication skills. You should be able to communicate your thoughts and feelings clearly, convincingly and in the most desirable manner. For that you need to be confident and be aware of what you are speaking. At Avid, we provide training in diction, voice modulation and pronunciation as wrong pronunciation can create a bad impression. We carry out innumerable discussions among the trainees and provide personality development tips so that they can improve their communication skills.


  • Employability Skills
    Gaining employability skills such as oral communication, problem solving, adaptability, collaboration, written communication, and organizational skills are a must in today’s highly competitive world. At Avid, we employ various measures to grow, strengthen, and enhance the employability skills of the trainees.

Undergoing personality development training in Avid can benefit you with:

  • Grace, style, and professionalism to handle difficult situation
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Poise, composure and self-control
  • Improvement in pronunciation, voice modulation and diction
  • Confident body language

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