About Rahul Rajendran


“Not many can claim a new opportunity knocking at the door in their 40s. But I am an exception. Not only did I get many opportunities to learn and unlearn in the beginning of my career as a businessman but also got lot many avenues to embark on an entirely different career that brings me new knowledge and new experience every day.

From my experiences, I have learnt that passion is the key to success. As a businessman, I have seen both success and failure. Business is like a roller coaster; there are ups and downs. I was able to survive and arise because of my passion towards my work. On looking back, I regret none of the decisions that I took as I have only learnt from my mistakes. I have learnt from both success and failure, which have shaped me and made me the person that I am today.”

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He started his career in business soon after graduation. He joined his dad to help him start a polypropylene bag unit. He then started a trading company which was dealing with all kinds for packaging materials. Then he started a new company which acted as a channel partner to many new generation banks. Within 5 years his company grew with offices in almost all districts of Kerala and in certain parts of Karnataka and employing a workforce of over 200 people. However, his vision of helping people around him who are in need was not fulfilled. So he decided to start a laundry unit (with the support of JC Vijay and JC Rishi) with the aim of employing poor and needy people who have never been to school; who are differently abled and who have no qualifications. However, he was forced to close down his unit he started in his home town. After some trying times, he successfully relocated his laundry business to Karnataka.

It was during this time that he got an opportunity to discover a new facet of his personality. It all started with his becoming the Zone Vice-President of the JCs. It was truly life changing as it led to the beginning of a whole new phase where he was able to explore new opportunities and possibilities, which he never thought he would. He started enjoying this new phase as a trainer. Now, he is seriously focused on this profession.

What I Learnt from my Life Experiences
  • Two important golden traits of business are self-discipline and time management.
  • In the face of adversities, never give up and never lose hope. Keep on trying and success will be all yours.
  • Never allow success to blind you and failure to overwhelm you, this is the greatest teaching that my life has taught me.
  • Passion is the key to success.
  • Aim high and follow your passion; success will definitely follow.