About us


“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”



The main objective behind Avid Mentoring Hub was to start a centre to provide a helping hand to people who are dejected with life or who want to get better opportunities in life. Through Avid, we want to help people identify their hidden talents and hone it. We want to provide a reality check to students and parents alike when it comes to learning and career development. For instance, today LBLD especially Dyslexia is a condition that affects most children but due to lack of ignorance the children are put under tremendous pressure at school and at home to perform. Similarly, in Kerala most children are asked to choose either medicine or engineering, while the fact of the matter is there are hundreds and thousands of career opportunities out there where your children can make a mark.

At Avid, we believe that all children are gifted with talents and we want to provide a platform where we can help them to get ahead in life by improving their capability, capacity, productivity and attitude.

Rahul Rajendran is at the helm of the affairs at Avid, who is the principal trainer at Avid. He participated in ZTWS 2016 conducted by zone 19 and 21 together and was adjudged one of the outstanding participants. He was also a proud participant from Kerala who qualified for NTTS North (2017 at Vapi). Out of the 30 participants, he was chosen one among the 11 winners. The stint at NTTS helped in changing his approach toward training completely. So it was ZTWS and NTTS that helped him transform into the trainer that he is today. Through Avid, his aim is to establish a club – AVID Gentleman’s Club and AVID Ladies Club -that promote personality development and women empowerment training programs.