Corporate Training


“Success is no longer about changing strategies more often, but having the agility to execute multiple strategies concurrently. And success requires CEOs to develop the right leadership capabilities, workforce skills, and corporate cultures to support digital transformation.”

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Corporate Training

The corporate world is highly competitive. In the corporate environment, the work atmosphere is very different from what we know or aware of.  You need to interact with people of all ethnicities and socioeconomic classes. So you need to watch your step when you interact with people because any inappropriate remark or casual interaction can land you in trouble. However, it is not that easy in a stressful work environment as you tend to lose your cool. Therefore to avoid losing respect at work, you need to learn the nuances of connecting with others positively, engaging in meaningful conversation and conveying your true potential. So in a corporate world, there are certain unwritten rules that need to be followed and these are:

  • Corporate Etiquette
    It refers to certain qualities and abilities that create a win-win situation for both the business and the individual. It is a standard code of behaviour that helps in making excellent business interactions and thereby alleviates internal and external conflicts to a great extent. It prevents any form of misunderstandings from cropping up as everyone interacts professionally and appropriately. Having polished manners helps you not only to create great first impression but also to stand out from the crowd.


  • Soft Skills
    The corporate world is highly competitive and volatile. To find your footing in the corporate world, the employees must meet the ever changing needs and demands of the industry. Apart from IT competencies, the employees must have essential soft skills such as communication abilities, time management, language skills, influencing skills, inter personal skills, teamwork, emotional empathy, leadership traits, creative thinking, decision making and so on. The soft skills provide the much needed agility and dexterity to handle different situations at work.


At Avid

At Avid, we are aware of the fact that in today’s corporate environment, the employees must not only possess technical skills but also soft skills. They must be competitive, energetic, have the confidence to take on the world however favourable or unfavourable the situation might be. Our training and development programs in corporate etiquette enable you to:

  • Refine social skills
  • Build healthy and strong relationships with employers, co-workers and customers
  • Bring about a harmonious work environment
  • Stand out in a crowd
  • Enhance impression
  • Boost confidence
  • Positive attitude
  • Achieve great success
  • Prevent misunderstandings
  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of clothing etiquette, telephone etiquette, interview etiquette, meeting etiquette, mobile phone etiquettes, dining etiquette and so on
  • Handle casual, formal, social, professional and even difficult situations deftly

Corporate Training Provided

  • Corporate Executive Training
  • Professional training
  • Facility Management Training
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Leadership Development Training
  • Strategic Management Training

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